Coana Services

Coana Services

All changes to non-CLI services including the dashboard and integrations are described on this page. All changes to the Coana CLI are described on the Coana CLI page.

Feb 26. 2024

Enabled the Vanta integration.

Feb 22. 2024

Improved the visualization of 'Affected Application Code Locations' in Java projects.

Feb 21. 2024

Stores some user settings in the database rather than using local storage.

Feb 6. 2024

Added possibility to sort projects list view by vulnerability count and last report date.

Feb 5. 2024

Added documentation for using the Coana GitHub application (see docs). Fix an issue where Dependabot synchronization did not always work for Dependabot alerts affecting multiple packages.

Feb 2. 2024

Fixed a problem where the search field on the projects page (opens in a new tab) didn't include the descriptions field.

Feb 1. 2024

Fixed an issue where dashboard sorting didn't work for projects with many large projects. Added documentation for setting-up and managing the Slack integration (see docs).

Jan 30. 2024

Introduce projects list view with latest report summary. Added the GitHub Dependabot and Slack integrations.