The settings page allows you to control both organizational-level and user-level settings.

Members & Access

Invite and remove your team members from this page. You can also control which members have admin rights. As an admin, you have several additional rights, such as the right to delete projects, invite other members, and install and manage integrations.

API Keys

Create and delete API keys. The Coana CLI requires an API key to submit vulnerability reports to Coana (See Scanning).

Display Settings

Control various UI settings, such as whether you want to show vulnerabilities that only affect development dependencies.


Install and manage integrations. See the Integrations submenu in the sidebar to the left for more information.


Manage your notification settings. You can choose when you want to receive notifications, e.g., only when a new reachable vulnerability is found, and which delivery channels you want to use, e.g., In-App or Slack.

Dismissed vulnerabilities

View and restore dismissed vulnerabilities. To learn more about vulnerability dismissals, see Vulnerabilities#dismissals.